Pro Bono

Bryant Rabbino considers pro bono work an important commitment of every lawyer, as well as a tool for all lawyers to complement and reinforce their skills. Our basic approach to pro bono work is to encourage each lawyer to select their own pro bono projects, as long as they do not conflict with or contravene the interests of other clients.

We encourage our lawyers to take on pro bono clients in any area in which there is need and in which the lawyer has expertise or seeks to enhance skills and experience. Our firm is particularly interested in offering pro bono services to people and organizations of limited means offering them top notch legal representation to suit the community’s needs.

Bryant Rabbino has long standing pro bono relationships with local organizations and other community projects and encourages our lawyers to bring pro bono clients to the firm. We will also, as a firm, seek out and maintain connections with appropriate organizations in the community, explaining our pro bono policy and inviting and evaluating requests for pro bono services.